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  1. Jack McCabe

    Seeking information on the crash of Chinook 07999 on 10 July 1970. Did you know of this crash? Did you know the members of the 13th Arty that were involved in this crash? I am researching for a book I am writing and would appreciate any information you might have on the crash and those involved.
    SFC Elroy Simmons of HHB was killed in this crash. Was anyone else of the 13th Arty aboard at the time?

  2. Andrew Ford

    My father (Gregory Thomas Ford) was in the 3/13th Field Artillery 25th Infantry in Cu Chi from February ’67 – February ’68. Just had a long but rare father-son talk about some of his experiences last night which led me here. Let me know if the name rings a bell and thanks to all who served.

  3. richard rochette

    I was 3bn 13arty 1965 thru 1966 hq and hqbrty ammo section sgt Lufkin section leader

  4. John K. Nelson

    I served with The Clan HQ of the 3/13th from 1Dec 1968 thru 3 Dec 1969 at Cu-chi. I humped pro-jo’s out to Bravo Battery a few times, and my work also brought me to Saigon and Tay Ninh. As soon as I figure out how to ignite cookies on my computer, I’m gonna sign up to this site and chat with some of the members.
    I have a photo I’d like to share at that time of what I believe is Bravo Battery I snapped in December of 1968. Perhaps someone can identify it. Until then, thank you for the opportunity. John

  5. michael anniuk

    was a survey crew chief with the 13th of the 25th there in either 1967 1968 1969 memory of cu chi and all my brothers blocked out much

  6. Michael Thomas Ford

    4118 Triangle Rd. I shipped into “The Clan” May 1971 Schofield Barracks. Couldn’t be more proud of my predecessors . You guys left some pretty big shoes to fill, but we managed. Thinking of you guys on Veterans Day and thanking God for your sacrifice.

  7. Sharon Sample

    Sharon Sample posting for husband: Kenneth Sample, B Battery, 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery, 25th Infantry. Served 1963 to 1966. FDCC, fire direction control computer and TDY 1964 as Helicopter door gunner UH-1B

  8. Greg Bolt

    I served B Btry 3Bn 13Fa from 1982 till 1985 as a 13B and the unit admirer. Didn’t want to leave the unit, but the Army made me leave.

  9. Mike Roche

    Editor of the “Clan Call” mimeographed newspaper from August to November, 1970. Worked for CSM Monsees in S1, at Cu Chi. Looking for photos and to reconnect with buddies! See my Bob Hope Show photos of Long Binh show, DEC., 1970 at https://www.mikerophoto.com.

  10. Tari Hampe-Deneen

    I am in the process of trying to build a Vietnam Veterans monument in Berkeley Springs West Virginia. Reid Tyrone Styers was killed in action. I am seeking a photo of him or any next of kin. His name will hold a prominent spot on the monument. I can be reached at 304-261-4704. I also have a Facebook page which is Morgan County Vietnam Veterans memorial fund. You can also send an email on our website at http://www.mcvvmf.org. thank you.

  11. Charles McCloud

    Viet Nam veterans reunion 3rd weekend of Sept. Kokomo,indiana,go to HCVVA.org or . com,had 8 bravo members that served together 69-70 there for the 2016 reunion

  12. Charles McCloud

    hello,was with the clan begining nov.69 to end of oct. 70,go to the clan 3/13 artillery vn for a facebook page for all clan member

  13. Robert E Jones

    I had the honor and privilege of serving as XO of B 3/13 from Nov. 69 through Nov. 70. I reported in to the Battery when it was positioned at “The Sugar Mill,” then under the command of Capt. Hanna. He was one of the finest officers I served with. The BC after Hanna had been aide-de-camp to the Div. Deputy Commander, and the general told him to pick a battery to command. He picked our battery because, as he told me, it was the best in the division.
    This is a great site. Thanks to all that have made it possible.
    Viewing the material on the site has been an emotional experience.
    To all of you Bravo veterans, thank you for your service and welcome home.

  14. john eubank

    Baltimore just had a huge VN 50th celebration. Brought back lots of memories.
    Served 3/13 in FDC. Trig was able to convince LT ? to have me transferred from ammo humper to FDC. Thank you Trig!
    Then transferred at stand down to 7/8 Arty, then they stood down. Then sent to Americal (aka 223rd Infantry) outside of Da Nang.

  15. JerryHackney

    Hello Bravo 3/13 Vietnam Veterans!

    It’s me again, Jerry Hackney’s daughter. I wanted to post here to welcome you guys to join “The Clan’s” Facebook group if you have a Facebook account! You can search “The Clan – 3/13 Artillery – Vietnam” or just go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/107117883007969/. There are many photos on there as well as some posts from 3/13 guys. Hope this can be a great additional way for everyone to connect!

    PS – If anyone else knew my father, Jerry Hackney, originally from New Mexico, I would love to hear from you, as well. My email is karahackneyphotography@outlook.com. Thank you to everyone who has been so inviting to me!


  16. Mike Epperson

    Thanks for putting together a great website. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading the journals, guestbook etc. I thought I had lost all contact with everyone and found your website a few days ago. I don’t think a day goes by I don’t think about our experiences in Vietnam. From the reunion pictures everyone looks great and makes me want to attend the next one. I regret not staying in touch and hope to see all of you soon.

  17. gary ruhter

    Was with the 3/13 from Feb 69 thru stand down and then with 1St Calvary until may 1970, was in the same section with Bob Offerdahl

  18. Charles McCloud

    served nov. 1969 to nov.1970 with bravo battery,loader/driver on 1st section gun #1 untill FB Synder then was section chief on section 2 or gun #2. Chuck McCloud.

  19. Charles McCloud

    hello everybody hope everyone is doing good besides getting older i’m fine, hope to see yous in kokomo,indiana 3rd weekend in sept. for annual viet nam veterans reunion. Chuck McCloud

  20. bob

    The previous message from Kara Hackney is important to me. I saw a posting where she was locking for anyone from her dad’s unit in Vietnam (B 3/13). I contacted her and informed her that I was in her dad’s unit and although we were not close friends I did remember him. While trying to help her find some one who knew her dad (Jerry Hackney) and was a close friend, we found James Hunt, and he put me in contact with Charles McCloud. Guy’s thanks to both of you for trying to help. It was good to hear from you. If there is anyone out there who can share memories with Kara please contact her, if not her try me (bobeberwein@verizon.net) and I will pass along any information to her.

  21. JerryHackney

    In Memory of My Father, Jerry Hackney “Hack,” 1947-1997
    Dad served on a gun crew with Bravo 3/13 from March 23, 1970-November 11, 1970.
    I would love to hear from anyone who knew my father, who passed from cancer in 1997. You can reach me at karahackneyphotography@outlook.com.
    I have some group photos, some which have many unidentified buddies in them (Dad surely knew, but I didn’t find the photos until this year). Three names that are written on the photos are John Cole and “Slithy,” as well as Dad’s canine buddy, Howard. Dad also mentioned two buddies’ names that my mom can remember: Paul Bullbear “Chief,” a Sioux Indian from South Dakota, and “Dogg” Harris, a black man from Detroit. Some photos are labeled to be at Snider (Snyder), Base Camp Cu Chi, and Long Bien.
    My sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your service and sacrifice.
    God bless,
    Kara Hackney

  22. Paul A.Rice

    I was a sergeant E -5 & served In Communications in Cu Chi, Dau Tieng, & Tay Ninh with the 3/13th Artillery 25th Infantry Division. in 1970, and was with them thru stand down. I stayed on in Bien Hoa and served with
    the 1st Calvary Division in 1971.
    I want to thank all you guys for your service, and I sincerely hope that those of you that are still around are in best of health.
    God bless you all!

  23. anaon765

    Any plans to update this site with photos, info, or other related stuff? Any upcoming reunions?

  24. Robert (Bob) Eberwein

    Was in the communications section and also worked with the motor pool from Dec 69 to Nov 70.

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