Hi everyone. I realize the site has been down for quite some time, unfortunately we’ve lost a lot of content (most but not all of which has been backed up) since the hosting expired without us catching it on time. I’ll be working as often as i can to get all of our content back up, and make some improvements.


In the mean time, if you haven’t already, feel free to sign our guestbook!

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  1. JerryHackney

    I am the daughter of the late Jerry Hackney, who served in B Battery, 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery, 25th Infantry Division in 1970 in Vietnam. Dad died of cancer when I was 6 years old. I am trying to connect with some of his battle buddies. I found this site and hope perhaps some who see this site will have known my dad! Please go to this link to see a photo of him and a description.
    If anyone knew Dad, who was known as “Hack” or “Sarge” in Vietnam, or a buddy of his they called “Dog” Harris, a black man from Detroit who had a goatee, please let me know!!! Email:

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